Yamazato Manila Launches Premium Japanese Sake Flight

Manila, Philippines – Yamazato, the Okura Hotels and Resorts’ signature Japanese fine dining restaurant is pleased to announce the launch of a premium Japanese sake flight featuring a collection of three exclusive varieties to showcase unique flavors and craftsmanship. Adventurous sake lovers can indulge in 60 ml pours of Hakushika Tokusen Ginjo Namachozo, Honjozo Namachozo, and Gouka Sennenju Junmai Daiginjo.

Located at the second floor of Hotel Okura Manila and currently accessible through the Newport Grand Wing at Newport World Resorts, Yamazato has added the premium Japanese sake flight to an extensive collection of world-class beverage offerings. Guests can experience the curated flight of three Hakushika sakes for PHP 880+++, excluding service charge and other applicable government taxes. The promotion is until the 31st of January 2020.

Hakushika is one of Japan’s well-renowned sake breweries enjoying increasing popularity throughout the world, paired with a wide range of Japanese dishes or appreciated on its own. They brew their sake at Nishinomiya, using the famed “miyamizu”, pure water that springs from Mt. Rokko. As white rice is stripped of its husk, washed and steam-cooked, cultivated rice koji is sprinkled to provide the essential enzymes for making yeast grow. The mixture is left to ferment over several days, and will be pressed, filtered, and blended into sake.

Sake can be enjoyed warm, in room temperature or chilled depending on the type of sake served, the season or climate, and personal preference. A warm cup of Junmai sake is enjoyable during a cold day, while a chilled glass of draft sake is well-suited for a warm summer day.


Adventurous sake lovers can indulge in 60 ml pours of Hakushika Tokusen Ginjo Namachozo, Honjozo Namachozo, and Gouka Sennenju Junmai Daiginjo.


Hakushika Tokusen Ginjo Namachozo

Brewed with premium sake rice, Hakushika Ginjo Namachozo is matured at low temperatures in an unpasteurized “nama” state. It is only pasteurized right before bottling, giving it a fresh, crisp, and refreshing taste. Best served chilled, it is excellent for pairing with sautéed dishes, fried dishes, seafood with konbu (Japanese kelp), and ponzu-seasoned (citrus vinegar) dishes.

Hakushika Honjozo Namachozo

The Hakushika Honjozo Namachozo, refreshingly elegant with a smooth finish, is a premium sake to which a small amount of brewer’s alcohol is added to enhance the flavor. It is a pleasant accompaniment to grilled dishes, seafood tempura, poultry, vegetables, and noodles (udon, soba, yakisoba).

Hakushika Gouka Sennenju Junmai Daiginjo

Awarded the 2011 Monde Selection Grand Gold Medal in Brussels, the elegant Hakushika Gouka Sennenju Junmai Daiginjo is fruity in fragrance, with a delightfully rich body and smooth taste. The recommended pairings are sashimi, tofu dishes, lightly flavored sautéed poultry, beef and vegetables, as well as traditional Japanese flavors such as yuzu citrus, konbu, dashi, and soy sauce.


About Hotel Okura Manila and Yamazato

Hotel Okura Manila will welcome guests from the first half of 2020. The 188-room hotel, which will epitomize the elegant, refined Japanese omotenashi combined with Filipino warmth, is located within the Philippines first integrated resort, Newport World Resorts. Yamazato is one of the best places in Manila to appreciate traditional Japanese cuisine, featuring three different areas for each of kaiseki, sushi and teppanyaki. Each area represents Japanese aesthetics evoking the passing of the four seasons. There are also several private dining rooms that provide the ideal setting for business meetings or intimate gatherings. Japanese Executive Chef Rinnosuke Mouri leads the kitchen of the restaurant, where they only serve the freshest ingredients to ensure supreme taste and unmatched quality. 


Yamazato Operation Hours:

Tuesdays to Sundays

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Dress Code: Smart Casual



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