A man with an origami bird folding at Hotel Okura Manila


At Hotel Okura Manila, we care about a sustainable future

Hotel Okura Manila is deeply committed to providing sustainable luxury. Here, you will find some of our best practices for reducing the carbon footprint of our operations.

Exterior of Yawaragi restaurant at Hotel Okura Manila

Food & Beverage

  • Use of ASC-certified seafood
  • Biodegradable straws in all restaurants and outlets
  • Plastic-free takeaway coffee cups and containers
  • Packaging and menus made from FSC-certified and elemental chlorine free material
  • Respect for the seasonality of ingredients
  • Support for local sourcing of ingredients to reduce food miles
  • Use of cage-free eggs

Hotel Okura Manila recognizes that animal welfare and food safety are essential factors of a safe and responsible food supply chain. With our pledge to sustainable sourcing, we are delighted to announce that Hotel Okura Manila has already completed its goal of using cage-free eggs on all our hotel operations, restaurants and outlets as of April 2022. This is part of our set of goals under I Love Earth, Newport World Resorts’ sustainability initiative.

Interior of Deluxe room at Hotel Okura Manila

Guest Rooms

  • Vacant rooms auto switching to energy saving mode
  • Mobile device key for guest room access to reduce plastic key usage
  • Reusable and recyclable glass water bottles
  • In-room laundry bags made from plastic-free material
  • Use of PlaStarch Material (PSM) in amenity boxes (70% renewable plant starch combined with biodegradable materials)
  • Changing of bed linens every two days to help minimize water consumption
  • Use of low-flow taps, toilets, and showerheads to reduce water flow
Swimming Pool at the SORA Rooftop at Hotel Okura Manila

Energy Conservation

  • Building Management System (BMS) - automated and monitored central system to ensure continuous optimal performance
  • Reduction in carbon dioxide output with energy-efficient fixtures
  • LED lighting technology throughout the hotel
  • Proper system for waste electronics and electrical equipment recovery to reduce electronic waste
  • Waste management system to recycle used oils and junk lead-acid batteries into raw materials
  • Use of renewable energy source - solar panels
  • Automated device control for eco mode setting
  • Efficient electricity consumption through variable frequency drives for centralized air handling units

Silver Certified by EarthCheck

At Hotel Okura Manila, we are proud to be Silver Certified by EarthCheck, the world's leading certification group for sustainable destinations.