The Art of Tempura


Hotel Okura Manila is delighted to present “The Art of Tempura,” an exclusive collaboration culinary event by Chef Tadashi Sawauchi, Grand Chef of Japanese Fine Dining of Hotel Okura Group, and guest chefs:

  • Chef Takashi Karasawa - Founder of former Tempura Karasawa in Tokyo, Japan
  • Chef Keiichiro Fujino - Japanese Executive Chef of Hotel Okura Manila.

Tempura introduced itself to Japan during the 16th century in Edo (now known as Tokyo) wherein it became its specialty and widely known as a luxury food due to oil being a precious commodity. Today, it has transitioned to be a staple across Japan. 

Hotel Okura Manila invites you to experience the roots of Tempura through this extraordinary dining experience happening at the Yawaragi restaurant of Hotel Okura Manila within Newport World Resorts celebrates the delicate craftsmanship of tempura, paired with exquisite champagne & sake selections.

Event Details:

  • Date: July 22-25, 2024
  • Venue: Yawaragi Restaurant, Hotel Okura Manila
  • Menu: 7-course Tempura-Kaiseki Menu with Champagne & Sake Pairing
  • Price: Php9,500++ or Php10,418.62nett per person
  • Seatings: Two seatings for a total of 30 seats per day
    • 6:00 pm - 12 seats 
    • 7:30 pm - 18 seats

Meet the Chef:

Chef Tadashi Sawauchi: Grand Chef of Japanese Fine Dining, Hotel Okura Group

  • Formerly managed Japanese Fine Dining “Yamazato” at The Okura Tokyo for 20 years
  • Oversees Yamazato locations worldwide
  • Supervised the Japanese menu for the 2010 APEC Japan summit banquet

Art of Tempura menu highlights:

  • Crab and broiled scallop with Shuto-an (salted fish guts sauce) 
  • Duck loin with grilled leek and eggplant, served with sesame vinegar and Myoga ginger 
  • Marinated tuna toro, thinly sliced yam, wasabi, nori seaweed 
  • Tempura:
    • Saimaki-ebi (shrimp), Hamo (pike conger), cuttlefish, Pecoros (small onion), asparagus, Oba leaf 
    • Hata (grouper), Anago (saltwater eel), sweet potato, lotus root, green beans 
    • Japanese Wagyu wrapped in Shiso leaf, wasabi, carrot, corn 
  • Jellyfish, thinly cut fresh vegetables, tomato, sesame seeds 

Disclaimer: Menu items & dishes are subject to change based on seasonality and availability of ingredients without prior notice.

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Join us for an unforgettable culinary journey as we explore “The Art of Tempura” with Chef Tadashi Sawauchi. Reserve your seat today!